The key to unlocking sustainable growth is customer loyalty...

Reponos was born out of a shared desire to help small and medium businesses grow. The team is made up of professionals from all over the world who share a commitment to promoting local economies. The pandemic has exposed a flawed system that benefits corporations at the expense of small businesses.




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We're Making Loyalty Easy!

SMB Culture Code

Strive for Excellence: We weren’t born to be mediocre, we thrive on success.

SMB-friendly, Customer-centric: We pay our dues to two bosses - the customer and the creator

Passion for Action: We are thinkers, planners and doers

Customer loyalty can be hard to come by – but it’s worth it! Reponos is a platform that helps small businesses with customer loyalty, rewards and discounts. With Reponos, you can collect and organize reward schemes, automate their processing, deliver them to your customers and measure that they are satisfied with the rewards.

Meet Our Team

Jay, Hector and Darnell are three ambitious entrepreneurs with a dream to help small or medium businesses succeed. They have plenty of experience when it comes to B2B and enterprise growth, and they’re ready to help anyone who wants it.

Making the world of small business success easier to navigate. Join me on my mission to help SMBs scale their customer loyalty with Reponos. #SmallBusinessSuccess #CustomerLoyalty

Jay Founder & CEO of Reponos
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Helping SMBs reach new heights - one loyalty program at a time! CTO & Co-Founder of Reponos, where we're passionate about empowering small and medium businesses with the technologies they need to succeed. #SMBsMatter #LoyaltyPrograms

Hector Co-Founder & CTO of Reponos
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Making small businesses successful Helping entrepreneurs everywhere create and build sustainable customer loyalty through Reponos. #SmallBusinessSuccess #CustomerLoyalty

Darnell CFO of Reponos

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    Step up your loyalty game with Reponos, and watch as customers keep coming back for more. Our no-hassle approach will make it easier than ever to show your appreciation and reward loyalty in a meaningful way